Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Why don't journalists everywhere publicly repudiate Fox News?

Inspired by this.

The requisite "I have no time for blogging" post

Though I do have lots of posts in draft or in the back of my mind.

And yes, many of them involve Hasso Hering.

I've had one real day off work since April 6th.

I am not, however, giving up on the blog.

I am le tired.

I think Atrios is religious...

...or is that atheist? Either way, he's got a point: The holier-than-thou game is counterproductive:

One of the more frustrating, futile, and self-aggrandizing rhetorical games is to tell people what their priorities should be. Nick Kristof has played this game in the past, chastising womens' rights groups for not focusing their limited resources on whatever his pet cause of the week happens to be. It's also global warming concern troll Bjorn Lomborg's trick, saying that instead of focusing resources on combating global warming we should use them for a bunch of other things that aren't going to happen. There's always a more important cause, a more deserving subject, a more downtrodden person. It's essentially a way of undermining all good works while building up the critic as More Serious And Enlightened Than Thou.

But people have different priorities. And to the extent people become involved in issues or causes, they have different skill sets, different abilities, different sets of knowledge. They have different things they can bring to the table. Telling people they should be fretting about the women of Afghanistan instead of focusing on eating disorders is, to put it bluntly, just stupid. More than that, it achieves absolutely nothing.

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