Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I know what kind of ice cream I'm not buying anymore (I never got into Starbucks):

I’ve been digging to see when Starbucks might consider taking the pus out of it’s Coffee and various other beverages. They don’t seem to have a definite timeline. When they make timelines they don’t seem to follow them anyhow. I dug up a Starbuck’s .pdf file.


“We shared the results of our dairy survey and explained the lack of customer demand for the certified organic dairy products that are currently offered in our stores. Starbucks agreed to continue to raise the issue of genetic modification with our suppliers; update our website with more information about genetic modification; and contact two of the company’s joint venture partners, the Pepsi-Cola Company and Dreyers Grand Ice Cream, Inc., regarding usage of genetically modified ingredients.”

So. Incredibly. Gross.


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