Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's Not Hypocrisy Because We're Not Perfect, Or Something

Seriously, though. The title is actually an argument I've heard pretty consistently from Christian Republicans who are trying to defend the atrocious behavior of (usually) Republican lawmakers. I think it relies on the assumption that people are inherently sinful/imperfect and tempted by the Devil. However, since I don't buy that assumption, I don't buy the excuse based on it either. Sorry.

Anyway, the point is this: Last night, a circle of folks started wondering about the recent rash of Republicans getting in political and legal trouble for their interesting choice of actions. This morning I wake up to find a pretty useful post at Pandagon. So:

I thought I had seen it all from the moralizing, anti-gay, bible beating mouthpieces, but I think this may take the cake. As commenter Justabill noted in a thread at Americablog, we’ve had these Republican Sexual Hypocrite reveals in the last month and a half:

* Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID), cruising for potty sex, somehow “mistakenly” pleads guilty.
* Diaper David Vitter (R-LA) admits he’s a “bad”, “naughty” and “nasty boy” with hookers.
* former White house spiritual advisor and fallen megachurch pastor Tweaker Ted “I’m completely heterosexual” Haggard asking whatever fans he has left for money.
* former NC Republican lawmaker and Christian Action League president, Coy C. Privette — caught at the no-tell motel with a sex worker — also guilty.
* Mark Foley is back in the news, he won’t turn over his former congressional computer to investigators. [Foley being the guy who sent naughty emails to underage male Congressional pages]
* Rep. Bob Allen, another Republican, caught asking to blow an undercover officer and willing to pay $20 for the pleasure; currently coming up with an excuse for the day (scary black men, thunderstorms) for his same-sex appetite.

To say nothing of Republicans who are in trouble for political corruption of various types. That list is much, much longer.


Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Dap,

Karma can be a bitch when the time to pay the piper for such staggering hypocrisy rolls around. It just boggles the mind that holier-than-thou Christian leaders are so often involved in sick, sick, behavior. Just look at the history and current events of the Vatican and Papacy. See the patterns here?

Notice that Larry Craig was nabbed on June, 11th? Notice the pattern of pivotal events repeatedly occurring on number 11 days during recent years? How many unlikely coincidences are necessary before one sees a strong pattern in the noise?

Here is Wisdom !!

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