Thursday, August 23, 2007


I don't think shame is an effective tool, as people who know me might have picked up on. I think it's degrading, and that it strips dignity from people, and that it's the sort of training "tool" that people use on, say, dogs. It's not a good way to learn anything but a simplistic relationship between some "illegal" action and the pain that will result. It does nothing to convince the shamed that their action was wrong, merely that they will be hurt if they do it again.

What am I referring to? This ugly spectacle.

What's even uglier are the comments below the story from people applauding this move.



Roxy said...

I don't think what the dad did was wrong, but I am not about to defend it tooth-and-nail like these people are. Personally, if I had to stand out there like that I doubt I would steal again, at least during my teens years. I can't believe this action sparked that much controversy.

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