Sunday, December 9, 2007

Piling on Althouse

Lots of the feminist blogs I read have an intense dislike for Ann Althouse, and it's been present since before I started reading them, so I have never been quite sure what the deal is.

I think I understand now, thanks to Stoller's post about the pink locker room. Check out her comments in this Inside Higher Ed piece:

Ann Althouse...“It just seems to me that you’ve got a long tradition at a big football school and you’re picking on something that’s going to make people think that feminists are very prickly and touchy and have no sense of humor or they don’t respect the male tradition of sports. I just don’t think that that’s helpful to the feminist cause to pick that battle,” said Althouse...

Translation: Feminists shouldn't object to things that bother men, because then men will think feminists aren't any fun.

What the hell kind of argument is that? And she's a law professor?

The last time I checked, feminism was about justice, not making friends with the boys on the playground.


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