Sunday, December 16, 2007

There's A New Blog in Town

The new blog is titled "Improved Education for Lebanon," with the author going by the handle "Improved Education" or "IE."

Though I may disagree with the material posted over there already, I'm always interested in a new voice joining the discussion. Now let's see if they last longer than Lebanon's Real Truth, which made it all of two posts.

Oh.... as to why I disagree with IE already, um, there is this:

It is my belief that when Lebanon hires a top-notch superintendent, one Rick, Josh and Debi respect and who respects them, they will be relieved to collaborate and hand over any reins they are holding.

I think IE gives Rick too much credit. Rick wants a yes man, not a superintendent.

Also, that line "hand over any reins they are holding" is really interesting to me. What reins are Rick, Josh and Debi holding that they would hand over to someone else? Isn't IE suggesting that the Terrible Trio are being a bit unprofessional here? Or perhaps that they are actively working to undercut their own superintendent? Doesn't sound all that ethical to me - but this is IE's characterization, so who knows.

Regardless, I hope IE sticks around. The more voices the better.


Anonymous said...

My concern is the people that Rick and Josh show the strongest support or respect for appear to lack integrity. I don't know if they endorse that kind of behavior or are just poor judges of character. Either way, I don't really want them being responsible for hiring Lebanon's next superintendent.

On the other hand, a positive that may come of all this is people might pay more attention to who they vote for in future school board elections. Josh was the sole candidate last time. Dan Dennis, dropped out after it was too late to remove his name from the ballot and still got 42% of the votes.
Let's hope we have more choices the next time around.

Anonymous said...

At that new blog the author stated: "...You know, I don't want to get a copy of his (referring to Jim R.) talks...It seems there would be no point, e.g. a waste of time, since I am convinced we need to look forward to a new group of administrators..."

In other words, 'I am ready for a divorce and absolutely nothing said--or done--will change my mind'.
They have just put in a nutshell what is wrong in this community.
How long until they want to "divorce" the next group of leaders, and the next, and the next....?

Anonymous said...

The author on the new blog said: "I have heard of people requesting transfers due to issues with the Lebanon schools, but listing other reasons on transfer-request papers for fear of being denied the transfer if the truth be told. Pretty hard to verify this or run stats, but I know of several people who lied on forms due to fear (realistic or not) they would be turned down listing their true reasons."
Facts we can't verify, but that support their position.
Exactly what they say the "Robinson Camp" is doing.

Eye in the sky said...

I believe the time has come to support any efforts by our school board to replace current Superintendent Jim Robinson as well as administrators who support his continued presence at the district office.

Apparently IE advocates some kind of Stalinist purge of the school district. Anyone who dosen't believe Robinson to be responsible for everything that is wrong with Lebanon in the past ten years also needs to fired.

Dennis said...

Eye in the sky - that's how I read the comment, though I doubt IE intended it to be so harsh. But the effect is the same: A purge based on the ideology of the person in question.


Anonymous said...

Are they suggesting firing people based on hearsay--rumor--of an employees opinion or position?
What if an employee does disagree with them?
Are they thinking about having employees sign some kind of pledge to the new administration they hope to put in place?
That is scary.
How on earth is this kind of thinking any different than what the biggest complaints about Jim R.'s "controlling style" is?
It is in fact much, much, worse.
Even the suggestion is a reinforcement of what I said way back when--if Jim R.'s contract is not worth the paper it is written on--then no one's is--including teachers.

Anonymous said...

What is the story with the "put in these letters" over on that new post?
It seems like a backdoor way to find out who the posters are.

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