Monday, February 11, 2008

[Media] One Student Newspaper Takes the Plunge - And It Appears to Be Working

Found at Notes from a Teacher, something damned interesting:

A entire college student newspaper, the York Vision of the University of York, housed within a Facebook app.

Holy cow.

Link here - and I separate it out because you're required to give the app access to your Facebook information to view the paper (which is a major downside to this enterprise, for sure).

Of course, I believe you also have to be a Facebook member to view the paper, but I've not tried while logged out.

Flipping through the tabs, I see that it has a comparable amount of content to most other college dailies I've seen, though I don't know if it's a daily or not.

I do know that it's won a ton of awards, including being named the Guardian Student Newspaper of the Year for three years in a row.

I hold the Guardian in pretty high regard, so that's pretty amazing.

For those without Facebook, check out the Wikipedia page for some info on the paper.


Bernstein said...

Holy Cow! They've hit upon the secret to running a profitable Web based newspaper. Use students who are paid little or nothing.

I bet the Sulzbergers and Grahams change their entire business models after reading this.

Dennis said...

I appreciate snark as much as anyone, but that's crap and you know it. =)

No one said anything about a paid newspaper here, not even me. Don't pretend this is somehow evidence that paper journalism isn't in trouble.

And those students sound like they can out-write most of the NYT and WaPo staffs anyway. I'd take those York writers over Fred Hiatt any day.

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