Thursday, March 13, 2008

[Bizarro World] Sara Gelser's Primary Challenger

I heard this at work today, and, well, see for yourself. From Blue Oregon:

I'll have a full recap on the House races now that filing day has come and gone, but this is just too good to pass up.

There's one name that jumps off the page when you're scrolling through all the filings: Rockne Roll.

What the heck kind of name is that? (Yeah, I know, I'm one to talk about weird names.)

He's the Republican who filed to run against Rep. Sara Gelser down in Corvallis. So, wondering who he was, it's time for a little Google action. Turns out he's a student at Oregon State. He's got bloggers who like him, he edits a right-wing student publication, and likes to blab about his personal life and underage drinking on the internet.

Yes, it's that Rockne Roll, the guy who edits the Liberty, the hate-screed that its supporters think is a newspaper at Oregon State.

Words fail me.

Luckily, laughter does not.


Bernstein said...

Looks like Mr. Rockne Roll deleted his Livejournal. Typical hypocrite Republicthug.

Too bad no one grabbed a screen shot.

Anonymous said...

He has an interesting post on MySpace about.. why he's a hobag.

Roxy said...

I can't find the rag -- I mean Liberty online anymore. Looks like he deleted everything -- Livejournal, myspace, newspaper site -- for his campaign. The guy's a loon. Had him in a class once.

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