Sunday, May 18, 2008


I went for a walk - it was too short and easy to be called a hike - and got ferociously assaulted by mosquitoes, as did my walking companions.

One of them counted 37 bites on her body.

There was, literally, blood.

The worst part? We were looking for a cache and gave up without finding it. Having checked the hint again, I looked in the right area, but missed it. I wanted to stay, but it would be have been inhumane to continue to subject my companions to the onslaught.

%$*#@ bugs.


Jen said...

Ha-ha! You now have a geocaching LABEL! Nerd alert! *scratch* ... runs off in search of cortizone cream...

Anonymous said...

Listerine is the anwser to your bugs or mosquitoes problem. Yes the mouth wash. Mix it with water spray it on and ta..da.. they will leave you alone. Spray your yard or outside your lanai and you will enjoy a nice summer in the back yard without getting BUGGED.


Oh by the way I am glad that you were at the school board meeting.

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