Tuesday, May 6, 2008

[LCSD] One More Thing

It's been pointed out to me that not only did the Lebanon School Board's Terrible Trio approve the PIE amendments without knowing the financial consequences and then claim lack of knowledge about the budget situation as justification for a no vote for the two HS administrators, but that the board approved Dawn Baker, Hamilton Creek's new administrator, with nary a peep about the budget.

I think we can take as a given that something else is going on with the refusal to approve the two HS administrators.

It's been suggested that something is Bo Yates and the fact that he's not one of the candidates for an assistant principal job at LHS.

I have no idea if that's true or not. What sayeth the crowd? What's behind Rick, Josh and Debi's refusal to hire the two administrators?

(As a side note, I cannot help but think having three instead of four administrators is going to hurt LHS next year; there's plenty of work to go around. But for the lack of money, I'd actually prefer five over three or four - one for each academy and one to coordinate.)


Anonymous said...

Rick suggested that all we needed was ONE Administrator at the High School.
He asked if that wasn't all we had before the Academies.
Also, he/they knew the PIE move would upset the LEA and the Classified Union, so they threw a carrot out saying they didn't want to hire any more Administrators until they were sure no Teachers would be cut.

They also said they want to run the district.

They call it central control.
I call it out-of-control.

Kim F. must (should) be really sorry she helped create this monster.
This kind of behavior is exactly what people on LT and RW have been warning about for months and months.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, it's obvious the not hiring of the two administrators was entirely about Bo Baby.
One of two things happened at that board meeting.
Either Rick, Josh and Debi made "a deal" before the meeting. You pass my charter school motion and we'll make sure Bo Baby gets a promotion to the high school. Take into consideration that the high school had the opportunity to hire Bo Baby and didn't want him so Debi wants to cram him down their throats all in the name of football. Ask yourself this. If it was Bo Baby they were recommending to hire would they have voted no?

Or, in my opinion, Debi has no problem with an individual board member acting outside their scope of responsibilities. She never questioned why Josh didn't attempt to have his amendment added to the agenda before the meeting or during the passing of the consent of the agenda. She didn't question why he thought it was okay to meet behind the backs of the entire board and go around the committee they, as a board, voted on to handle the negotiations and single handily draw up a contract that benefited the school his daughter attends. Also, take into consideration there were two charter school amendments passed. The first one that passed gave the charter school about $750,000 over the course of 5 years. Debi didn't attempt or have time to do the math, refused to consult with the business director who was present or the attorney and wouldn't listen to the superintendent as he tried to explain. In one irresponsible moment she just passed it. After Kim Fandino said her piece, Debi motioned for a second amendment removing the increase of 18 students per year and just leaving the additional 5% raise in funding. There was something in there about busing but it passed so fast I'm not sure what it was.

Regardless of which two of the above scenarios took place, in my opinion, it has never been more clear that Debi is not competent to be on the school board and Rick and Josh will cater to the charter schools wishes at the expense of the 1200 or 1300 students at the high school.

At least twice during the meeting the superintendent read the clause from his contract to make sure Josh, Rick and Debi understood they were breaking it. I can't remember the exact quote from Josh but he made it clear that the majority of the board chose not to renew his contract and the majority of the board had no intention of honoring his contract. Debi just sat there like a bump on a log.

It's a sad day in Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

Could it be that the board was still smarting from the ammeded agenda during the Mark Finch confirmation?
And, knew that the same thing was going to happen this past board meeting?
Could this have been a planned move to have more notice on hiring?
The Principal that they hired and the business manager (also hired) were already on the agenda. Not the amended one.

Anonymous said...

Well, that might make sense if the charter school contract had been added to the agenda. It wasn't even an amendment to the agenda or added during the consent agenda. In fact, the Sand Ridge report wasn't even an action item. It was listed under Superintendent's report.
Rick said he didn't want to hire them until after the budget meeting. Why didn't he wait to vote on Josh's amendment until after the budget meeting?
Josh's reasoning was the charter school had to make plans for the next year. Why doesn't the high school have to make plans for the next year?

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