Sunday, May 11, 2008

[LCSD] PIE Charter Amendments etc.

I'm too tired to wrap my head around the implications of all this (IANAL, after all), but I wanted to get them text of Wineteer's charter contract amendments out there, among other things.

Link to Mr. Wineteer's amendments (as written before they were themselves amended during the board meeting, I believe).

Link to the entire Sand Ridge Renewal Packet as presented at a school board meeting several months ago.

Link to current PIE/LCSD contract.

(Blogger doesn't host files, just pictures; links are to a free online file hosting service where I parked the files. I don't know much about it, so the links may not last. Let me know if they don't work or come with annoying popups or something. I tested them, but that doesn't guarantee anything.)

Interestingly, Mr. Wineteer's amendments are not simply a list of changes to the text. Some of them (at least 1, 2, 9 & 10) are simply instructions regarding what to change. In those cases, what is the process by which the changes will be included in the actual contract? Who will write the new language? Who has to sign off on it? Where in the contract will the new pieces of language be located? Does passage of the motion mean that Robinson is now obligated to negotiate the terms laid out by Wineteer, or is there some other process that will be used to include the new material? Does passage of the motion mean that negotiations are over? (Not having been at the meeting and heard the exact wording of the motion, I have to ask - though I suspect even knowing the wording won't make it clear.)

Veterans of bureaucracy and/or contracts will understand that these are not trivial questions. The fact that they are being asked is one more piece of evidence that the process used by the board in this case is incredibly unprofessional.

There might be more on the amendments later, but I doubt it. LT did a good job dissecting some of them already, and like I said, I'm exhausted.


Anonymous said...

10 g) Sand Ridge Charter School shall agree not use ADM funds received from Lebanon District for the operations or expenses for any CHARTER SCHOOL other than Sand Ridge Charter School.

I'm no lawyer but it looks like they could use Lebanon funds for anything they want as long as it isn't another charter school. They could open schools all over and as long as they're called Sand Ridge Charter School they could use Lebanon money. Or use Lebanon money to pay PIE employees and expenses since it isn't a charter school. For that matter they could use Lebanon money to send Jay on a cruise and buy him a vacation home. After all the money he just made them he deserves it.

I do believe Jay has pulled the wool over Josh's eyes this time.

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