Wednesday, June 11, 2008

LHS Graduation

I attended this year's LHS graduation. It went well, with no major and few minor hiccups.

There was one thing that really got me, however. A certain unnamed speaker, who I believe will be the Principal at LHS next year, used the phrase "Homeland Security" in his speech. It wasn't clear, but I believe he was talking about all the things that this year's LHS grads will be responsible for in the future (among them, I think, were the eradication of disease, taking over Homeland Security, and peace). So the context was not as gross as it could have been.

However, the appearance of the phrase in this context made something clear to me: We need to eradicate that phrase from the English language. It needs to be an anachronism or used only in an ironic fashion. (The same goes for the department, by the way).

It's an embarrassing relic from an embarrassing, shameful time in American history, worthy only of mockery. It needs to go.


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