Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More on the GT's editorial slant

I just figured out that the GT Publisher/Editor posted a response to this post of mine, in which I make some snide comments about the GT's editorial stances in regards to business and the environment. McInally:

Here’s the truth: The only policy directive I’ve ever seen from Lee about editorial stances is that its newspapers should write editorials about local issues. I have never, in nearly 30 years of working for Lee (the last 10 as an editor or publisher), received any other directive about what positions to take on the editorial page.

I appreciate Mr. McInally's responding, though I am still highly skeptical. There are other ways to influence editorial stances besides directives. Nevertheless, he is quite clear on his experience - and I look forward to an explanation of how editorial decisions are made, especially around candidates and elections. I wish more newspapers offered such a level of transparency into their decision-making processes.


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