Thursday, September 25, 2008

[LCSD] City-wide wifi for students

This is awesome:

LEBANON — The city of Lebanon has partnered with the Lebanon Community School District on a project to share Internet access.

Lebanon, having expanded its wireless internet access points to around 80 transmitters throughout the city, will tap into the schools’ fiber optic lines to increase wifi connection speeds.

Increased connectivity will hopefully allow more students to access the Lebanon schools’ networks through the citywide wireless to view online course materials and assignments.

“I’m just super excited about this whole thing,” said Brian Bray, director of technology for the Lebanon Community School District. “It helps eliminate the digital divide.”


“With a cheap laptop and a wifi device, any kid can use this wifi to access the Internet,” he said.

Good for Mr. Bray. This might put Lebanon ahead of many - even most - small towns when it comes to internet access for students.


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