Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Al Gore: Rich, Rich Man

Via Daily Kos of all places, a story on Gore's business enterprises. It seems his family is worth more than $100 million today, up from $2 million at the time of the 2000 election. Yes, that is correct. From $2 million to over $100 million in SEVEN YEARS.

What's interesting is his decisions as to how he invests his money. People seem to view him as some sort of wacko lefty for his insistence on factoring in various things that are considered unorthodox from a standard economic point of view - you know, things like the environmental and social impacts that a business has.

Personally, I think he's still not going far enough, though he certainly seems to be pulling in more or less the right direction.

This is just stupid, though:

Current [Gore's TV network} has also worked with advertisers to create viewer-generated commercials, or VCAMs. To date, some 32 VCAMs have hit the air. "Once we heard the concept, we got on board early on," says Brett Dennis, director of media marketing for T-Mobile, which also runs traditional spots on the network. "It provided us with a groundbreaking way to reach customers, and to encourage them to engage with our brand."

Uh, what? User-generated ads? He really should know better. Does he really think the craptastic nature of the media - not to mention how people treat politics - has nothing to do with advertising? Why in the world would he support this junk? On this one, I'm sort of at a loss.


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