Tuesday, January 29, 2008

[Old Media] Since When is Open Sexism Acceptable in the Pages of the Democrat-Herald?

A letter to the editor in the DH:

Flying in style

I have a suggestion on how we could save the taxpayers of this great country money on jet fuel costs for Air Force One.

Vote for Hillary; she could travel on her broom.

Donald A. Parker, Albany

Let's be clear: The fact that this is a letter in no way excuses the fact that sexist content appeared in the pages of the DH. The DH would have been perfectly within reason not to run this letter.

I know Hering's old and cranky, but this should be unacceptable to his (significantly younger) staff, at least - and enough so to raise a ruckus.

What gives?

I guess we can expect jokes about Barack Obama eating fried chicken and/or being lazy next.

I mean, what the hell, it's all just white people in the valley anyway, right?



Jen said...

*begins angry letter*


Eric Stoller said...

dude, what's up with your ageism?

"Hering's old and cranky, but this should be unacceptable to his (significantly younger) staff"

IE said...

Thank you, RW, for this post. I was horrified when I read this letter in the paper. It isn't funny. It is absolutely sexist and inappropriate, and Hasso should not have printed it.

Anonymous said...

I laughed, and then felt deep shame. I shall whip myself unconscious, then donate to her campaign.

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