Thursday, January 3, 2008

Signs You're Online Too Much

I use Google Reader (which is a RSS reader) as a way to bookmark blogs I think I might want to read at some point. I don't read all of them, mind you - not even close.

After all, I have in the neighborhood of 180 subscriptions, which is actually a far smaller number of blogs than I had bookmarked before I lost all my bookmarks.

Anyway, the point of bringing that up is to note that in one day I generated 800 UNREAD blog posts in my reader.

I'd say I read close to 200 additional posts, which means I am getting somewhere around 1000 posts per day.

I am so glad I decided to be selective about the reading. It made my life easier. It was pretty tough for a bit there, even when I had less than 100 subscriptions.... do you have any idea how long it takes to read 4-500 blog posts?

Also, Google Reader is where I get the shared items that fill the space in the right-hand column.


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