Friday, February 8, 2008

[LCSD] A Very Belated Post on Monday's Board Meeting

What can I say? It's been a long week, and as far as I saw, Monday's board meeting was really boring.

Yeah, I was there - I'm sure a few of you saw me wander in in the middle of one of Rick's stunts.

Thankfully, this one failed. From what I gathered, Rick was a attempting to get an agenda item added for after the post-meeting executive session. Thankfully, it failed - that would have put people there until after 11 PM.... not to mention the fact that since most of the audience would have left, Rick would have had more freedom pull something. I"m not actually sure what he intended to pull, though rumor has it it was something to do with extending the time for negotiations between the LCSD and Sand Ridge.

Regardless, the motion failed, most likely thanks to Debi Shimmin.

Other than that, the meeting was relatively calm by normal standards. I left a bit early, somewhere around the time when they started talking about reading assessments and/or policies.

Of course, I still expect plenty of fireworks from Rick down the road. I don't think he's run out of steam yet.


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