Monday, March 31, 2008

And yet I still feel like I haven't read anything...

I consider myself semi-tagged by bz. (does an encouraging email count?) These have been read in the last few months, not just in March.

Tithe, Holly Black

Them, Jon Ronson

Forty Signs of Rain, Kim Stanley Robinson

Fifty Degrees Below, Kim Stanley Robinson

Sixty Days and Counting, Kim Stanley Robinson

American Gods, Neil Gaiman (if you've never read this, DO SO RIGHT THIS INSTANT)

Sun of Suns, Karl Schroeder

Lady of Mazes, Karl Schroeder

Prancing Lavender Bunnies, Paul Turner

Last Night at the Lobster, Stewart O' Nan

This list feels incomplete - I think there are some books I've borrowed and returned (some William Gibson in particular) that are not included here.

Currently reading:

Capers in the Churchyard, Lee Hall

Possibilities, David Graeber

Threshold, Sara Douglass


crallspace said...

Jeez.. I'd sure like to do more reading.

I feel like a void fills that part of my brain. Or some type of overwhelm.

B. Zedan said...

I can't read American Gods because I'm scared it's too much like something I am working on. I limit myself to Neverwhere and Fragile things with Gaiman.

Man, you with your modern books from the past. Though, Schroeder has Ventus available as a download, so I might check it out.

Theresa said...

I absolutely love "American Gods," it is so brilliant, as is pretty much anything Gaiman writes. Have you checked out his horror/fantasy short story collection "Smoke and Mirrors?" Also fantastic, and often deliciously disturbing.

Dennis said...

Oops! Pretend Smoke and Mirrors is on the list in the original post.

So yes, I own it.

My recently-created Amazon wish list is essentially a list of Gaiman's books I do not already have.

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