Saturday, April 5, 2008

[OSU] Most likely the only post you'll ever see on this blog regarding the OSU Men's Basketball team.

From the Gazette-Times:

Executive senior associate athletic director Todd Stansbury, the other athletic department administrator on the five-person search committee, is also in San Antonio. Lamar Hurd and A.C. Green, the former players on the committee, will also be in Texas for at least part of the Final Four, sources said.

OSU President Ed Ray completes the committee.

Um, what?

Can we talk about priorities for a second?

Someone should really be penning a Baro column or something about this (I'm looking at you, Robert Sanchez), because I'm pretty sure Ed Ray has better things to do.


Anonymous said...

Not likely...

OSU just hired Obama's brother-in law as its Men's Basketball coach.

Go Beavs

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