Thursday, March 27, 2008

[LCSD] Board policies related to residency

These are partial quotes of relevant sections. Click the links for the full texts.


Individuals eligible for Board positions must reside in the appropriate zone unless as otherwise permitted by law.


The Board shall declare the office of a director vacant upon any of the following:

2. When an incumbent ceases to be a resident of the district;

7. When an incumbent is elected by zone and moves from the zone to which he/she was elected. The incumbent shall continue to serve as director to June 30 next following the next regular district election. At that election, a successor shall be elected to serve the remainder, if any, of the unexpired term to which the director was elected. If the term to which the director was elected expires June 30 next following the election of the successor, the successor shall be elected to a full term.

It sounds like #7 might apply to Wineteer, but only if he's changed his official place of residence to somewhere outside his zone. And even then, if there's no regular election scheduled this year (and I don't see why there would be), he might be able to stay on until June 30, 2009 and simply not run again.


Dew Sue said...

What to you suppose was the intent of this language? It looks to me like the idea was:

1. If you leave the city, your position is declared vacant.

2. If you move to another zone but stay in the city, your position goes up for election when next there is an election, even if it is not the end of your term.

Anonymous said...

The intent is to keep people on the Board who are living in (the zone of) the city they are serving.

Anonymous said...

When people move to a new city, they may care about the people they left behind, but they are not focused on them. They are (hopefully, rightfully) getting involved with their new neighbors, friends, business associates. They are no longer directly touched by the goings-on of the people they have left behind.

Someone on the School Board needs to not only be committed to the good of the community they are serving--they also need to be affected by the very decisions they are making.

That is one of the reasons for the zone representation on the Board in the first place. If a person stays in the same city but moves to a different zone, even they have to relinquish their position because they are no longer standing in for the people in that zone.
How much more true is that of a Board Member who lives in a completely different city?

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