Friday, May 2, 2008

Because it's always about screwing the worker?



Anonymous said...

So, quit being the worker then. I get so tired of how the workers are getting screwed over. So quit. Nobody holding a gun to the walmart worker's head, making her work. Don't like working for someone else? Get a new job, or better yet, become the boss. But for heavens sake, shut up and go get my latte.

Dennis said...

I've never been tempted to reject a comment solely due to the ignorance of the commenter before.

If it were that easy, do you really think we'd have this problem? As the economy is currently constructed, there are a finite number of decent jobs and the workers are left to compete over them.

You're right - no one is holding a gun to that Walmart worker's head. They're holding food, clothes and a roof - and sometimes not even that.

Kevin said...

Anon @ 8:49pm. wow. your comment is an overly simplistic and grossly unrealistic portrayal of what it is to be a worker.
in fact, you disgust me. It is because of this individualistic ideology that is so pervasive in America that the middle class is quickly being reduced to the lower class.
I don't know what world you are living in or how shiny the silver spoon in your mouth was when you were born, but in the world I know most people cannot simply "quit being the worker."
as Dennis says, its not about holding a gun to someone's head, its about the food, clothes and a roof.
It is simply not enough that one person can quit Wal Mart (to use your example) and get a better job. The fact the biggest employer in the U.S. treats their employees as if they are slaves IS the problem. This sort of job should not exist in America. It is not about one individual it is about people who WORK for a living and must choose, between paying rent, buying food, or possibly healthcare.) And don't even think about getting an education if you work there cause thats way out of financial reach.
So next time you hear someone complaining about how the worker is getting screwed, and find yourself getting annoyed, please, educate yourself on the matter. Or shut the fuck up and enjoy the bitter taste of injustice from your your bourgeois-bullshit latte.

Anonymous said...

No, most of the problem comes from the drugs, alcohol, teen pregnancy, and just giving up. I see lots of people say, "you know what, this ain't working, I am gonna do something about it." Others say, "Well, this is as good as it is gonna get, I'll just keep doing it, even if I hate it." I understand some people can not do better. Some are ill fit to gain more experience or education. Free education that they give up in 9th grade? Sorry, wal mart is all you're gonna get. I got a silver spoon that I earned by going to work 2 jobs while in college. Yes, it can be done, but you gotta want to do it. Damn idiots just give up. Screw 'em. I AM interested in helping those who can't do better, or those who are trying to do better but need help. Donate thousand of dollars and hours of my time to help them. It's the ones in the middle who want everything handed to 'em, but not willing to get off their fat asses, put out the cigarettes, start using birth control, stay married, and try for a better life. Plus, I like shopping at walmart. The door greeter is nice to me and will carry my bags.

Kevin said...

You are missing the point. This is not about lazy or ambitious people. its not about the shitty, reckless social policies of our current and past governments that lead to “drug use, alcohol and teen pregnancy” ( for clarification im referring to “abstinence only education” and “the war on drugs,” what a fucking waste of money and sad disgusting joke those policies are)
The point i made, once again is that the typical job at Wal-Mart ought to pay better, and have decent health insurance no matter who is working it. America is the richest country in the world but that wealth is concentrated at the top, because those at the top use their power to screw the workers. Wal mart is a multibillion dollar a year company, but they can’t pay their employees decent health care? instead they have programs to teach their employees how to get state-funded health care. so in effect we are subsidizing Wal-Mart’s health care costs?
or back to the example in the article that prompted you to bitch about the worker, the company is still making $10 million a year, yet is threatening to move overseas unless employees take a pay cut. FUCK THAT! they ought to be striking. their is no logical or moral justification for threatening to export family wage jobs so a few already rich investors and one owner can make a additional millions in PROFITS. That is simply greed and injustice at its worst.
If there are only a finite or in our case rapidly decreasing number of decent family wage jobs, it does not matter so much whether someone gets an education, because there will always be someone in those shitty Wal-Mart jobs having to carry bags for people such as yourself.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Does Wal-Mart REALLY have programs that teach their workers how to get public assistance? We have a friend who just quit working there after several years (he was actually a department manager--not in Lebanon)when we asked why, his response was, "The government will give me money and pay my rent, so why should I work?"

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