Saturday, May 3, 2008

Brilliance in the Southern Hemisphere

Via IBtP, HellOnHairyLegs.

Two posts jump out as favorites - this on high school, and this:

Between the towns and fast food restaurants lay sparely grassed country side which featured cows and the occasional stunted tree. I finally got to see the Australian countryside which has inspired so many dog-awful country ballads. If I lived there and attempted to farm such a desolate area I would make bad music too.

It was a fun trip; I really bonded with my family. I would point out the misogyny in song lyrics and be ignored. Heartened by this I would point out the racism in song lyrics and be ignored. Then, for an encore I suggested that a Guy A could be singing about Person X, not Girl B. It was a totally epic family vacation. I think the highlight was having my dad throw hissy fits and having his Giant Baby ego soothed by everyone else in the car. I’m practically doing cartwheels thinking about it all.

The week without the feminist blogosphere? It was awful, depressing and a trial on my sanity. The problem with interacting with sane people for hours is that you expect people in RL to act sane. I’ve never got the hang of RL; hopefully a decent tutorial will come out soon.

That sarcasm in that last paragraph is so dry I need a drink.


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