Friday, July 4, 2008

A list of everything's that on my desk right now, in no particular order

22-inch LCD monitor
MacBook Pro (closed)
bluetooth keyboard (in use)
bluetooth mouse (not in use)
USB mouse (in use)
Computer speakers x2
1/3 full cup of coffee
three coasters
small stack of business cards I've been meaning to file
two 500GB external HDs
USB hub
iPod connector
Richard Rorty's Philosophy and Social Hope
one empty bottle of Twilight Ale
one mostly full box of Triscuits
one unused butter knife
ear buds
fine point Sharpie
$15 (one 5 and one 10)
mostly full tin of Altoids
one burned CD (Giants Citizen Kabuto Disc 1; it doesn't work)
empty plastic water bottle
crumpled receipt from Fred Meyer
two AA batteries in a small plastic case
the power pack for the MacBook charger


Anonymous said...

I hope I am never that bored...!!

pax said...

Glasses case
Cold coffee that I'm still sipping
Far-away glasses
Handkerchief for sweat
Tote bag with four bananas inside
Bottle of Kirene mineral water
Big notepad that I wish I had already used up by now
My 3 year old blackberry
Wireless mouse
Small notebook with notes for later when I get back to the house
A copy of Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Story of Paul Farmer blah blah save the blah blah world blah
External hard drive wrapped in a canvas bag to protect it

Anonymous said...

Aren't we soooooo proud of our fancy new monitor.....

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