Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When having a memory pays off

Clark’s remark: So?

On the networks and cable TV, the flap over a remark by Wesley Clark shows just how shallow and vacant our politics has become.


All he said was that wartime courage and senatorial experience were not enough to qualify McCain for president. Everybody knows that.


Clark is a politician who made a commonplace point. That’s all he did. (hh)

Good on Hering.


Anonymous said...

John kerry was making a big deal out of his military service while slamming Bush's service. Now the democrats are trying to take the opposite tract by saying military experience, particularly McCain's, doesn't matter. They know McCain is strong there, so they are trying to negate that strength. The reason people are making a big deal is the democrats' FLIP-FLOP!

Dennis said...

Again with the lazy reading!

No Democrat is gutsy enough to claim military service anything but a boon - which is what Clark did in the interview a minute or two before the now-infamous quote.

However, does it mean that McCain is qualified to be President?

Oh, hell no. Military service, in my less-than-humble opinion, should all but disqualify one from becoming president.

Former military, especially Texas Air National Guard dropouts, will be allowed to become preznit and demand turkee.

For future reference, any comment that can be interpreted as spit-flecked and/or that repeat any dumb-ass talking points will not be published.

Comments that a) assume I am a democrat or b) assume that there are only two choices here and that if someone who opposes on person must automatically support the other may or may not be published but will be endlessly and mercilessly mocked.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the comment was meant as tongue in cheek. I am just repeating the repubs line (in my humble opinion) of why Clark's comment are making any news at all.

I'll try to be more clear in my mocking.

I think if you want to run for president, by definition you must be insane.

Dennis said...

Didn't anyone tell you?

Satire is dead. Bush had it executed and buried, then outlawed, in 2003.

I have read comments much farther gone than that which were made in complete seriousness.

Around here, if you want to mock, you've got to rock.

Wow, I'm tired.

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