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Some Buzz Saw-style restaurants, even in settings less interesting than the right bank of the Willamette River, have not done well. Witness the demise of the Hereford Steer in Albany, closed several years ago and then demolished, and the recent closure of The Gables in Corvallis. But others, such as Michael’s Landing in Corvallis, are going strong, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what change in society’s eating and entertainment habits caused the demise of some.

If he doesn't know something, he should really either research the topic or just not write about it. The Gables closed because its owners are in their 80s, and even their son, who is close to 50, wanted something else to do. This was basic information in the article on the closing that ran in the GT. Nowhere was it mentioned that they closed due to lack of customers.

And Michael's Landing is not 'going strong'. It hasn't been for years. It's barely scraping by.

One also has to wonder if Hering has noticed the influx of new places in Corvallis in the last few years. I can't speak for Albany, but when Magenta moves downtown, the Waterfront Grill opens up, Iovino's remodels and reopens, Cloud 9 and Downward Dog come to town, Block 15 and Tokyo Steakhouse show up, Aomatsu remodels and adds teppanyaki tables, and Strega (a Tapas bar) opens, well, it's not hard to imagine how there could be more stress on existing Corvallis restaurants.

Jeebus, does this guy do any research for his editorials?


Anonymous said...


I do enjoy rhetorical questions, but in the eight years I have read Hasso, it is clear he does less research than Bush on any given issue...
Can you say 'Zero.'

A blind man in a deaf universe

Roxy said...

Maybe "others" refers to the said restaurants that have opened in Corvallis recently (and have apparently done as well as Michael's Landing).

OK, so that's quite the stretch BUT the DH ran a story in the Entertainer a while ago about all the new restaurant in downtown Corvallis... How can he not read his own product?

Dennis said...

I know plenty of reporters who don't read their own product, at least not all of it.

Though it seems like Hering, old school editor that he is, would read his own stuff.

Or maybe Hering doesn't like the Entertainer because it's helmed by that dirty hippie Jake TenPas.

Who knows? Isn't groundless speculation fun?

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