Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Been Months in the Making: Link Dump!

Ready? Better get settled. This could take awhile.

Steampunk wallpaper

Video made from results of Google query for "biggest regret"

Neal Stephenson: Science Fiction as a Literary Genre (warning, it's a long talk)

The Education of Shelby Knox

The Best-Ever Freeware List

Giant Squid Dissection Video

1 in 4 California high school students drop out, state says

Zittrain's "The Future of the Internet" -- how to save the Internet from the Internet

U.S. Rushes to Change Workplace Toxin Rules

Video: Insurance Company Rules

Band Name Generator

Wallstats: A Visual Guide of Where Your Federal Tax Dollars Go (I want one of these.)

Spam Your Enemies (Not endorsed by me)

Toonlet, a webcomic generator

Free Fonts

63 Must-Have Grunge Fonts


BBtv: Joel talks to futurist Syd Mead

Olympics Televised Soccer Schedule


laurie said...

Haha! I wrote the Olympic Soccer post you linked to, and followed the incoming link back here.

Thanks a lot. There goes my whole day as I have to check out all of your links. :-)

(I just sent the addy to my boss and he said, "wow. we should vbe honoured to be on that list i think."

I would agree. :-)

Dennis said...

Laurie? Like the Laurie, from The Offside?

Cool. The Offside is the only soccer blog I read on a regular basis.

And you weren't kidding about bookmarking that post. Thank you.

laurie said...

I never though of myself as THE Laurie before, but yeah, I'm the one who writes for The Offside. Glad you like the site.

The funniest thing about my Olympic schedule? I dragged myself out of bed this morning at 6:00 to watch the Women's gold medal game, saw only basketball on the channel, and realized, "S***! The game's tomorrow!"

Should have checked my own schedule. :-)

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