Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jaw-Droppage Has Commenced

From Rate Your Students.... ah, I can't even begin to describe it.

Go read.


Michael Faris said...

I'm curious what you found jaw-dropping. Unless the university had a policy for this (a rather lenient one), he didn't really have a right to just kick the student out of class without due process. He was being a bit unreasonable. A fireable offense? Probably not.

I would have kicked the student out for the day and told him to come to my office.

Dennis said...

Some of both sides, but mostly the speed at which it all happened. All in the same day? No one had the foresight to put the brakes on and sleep on it?

Michael Faris said...

Yeah, the speed of the events was quite shocking. I would think the union would have a system in place to keep it from happening that quickly.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'll bet there was a policy to possibly kick the kid out of class, like disruptive behavior, swearing, etc. However, I do think the prof could have given the kid another chance after he apologized. Second chance, kid screws it up, then kick him out. I would worry about an employer that was gonna fire me that quick, though. Not sure if it was worth quitting over, but it would put the school in a quick bind! I agree, adults probably could have said, "Hey, wait a second. What do we want here?"

Ten bucks says the kid does it again, though!

Dennis said...

I would hazard a guess that the second chance went out the window in the mind of the instructor with the second instance of the student saying "fuck that." That's not necessarily fair, but it seems plausible.

Michael: You would think.

Also, anon @ 5:52 raises a good question: What precedents does this set, both for the student and the university in regards to its instructor pool employment practices?

Anonymous said...

(Different anonymous here)

I think the student's second F you was his second chance, and he blew it.

And this is a university calling mommy? How weird.

Michael Faris said...

2nd anon: I doubt they called his mom. I bet his mom called them and threatened a lawsuit.

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