Friday, September 19, 2008

[LCSD] A thought or two about the recall


If I'm Jim Robinson, and the board that wants to negotiate with me over my resignation stands a chance of losing the two members who dislike me most, why in the world would I agree to anything before I find out if said board members will be recalled or not?

Similarly, if I am Fisher, Shimmin or McUne, and I also know there's a chance that Alexander and Wineteer will be off the board in three weeks, I would be damn loathe to do anything that might end up in a lawsuit and/or have other consequences that I'd have to deal with, especially if it was started by the maybe-departing board members. At best, I'd want to own - literally and metaphorically - any decision that was made between now and October 7th, just in case.

In other words, it would seem prudent on the parts of everyone but the two facing the recall to put on the brakes until after October 7th. The opposite is true of Wineteer and Alexander, of course. They have every incentive to get as much of their agenda enacted before the vote as possible, on the chance they get recalled.

By the way, I have no frackin' idea how likely it is for the two to get recalled. I am aware of no relevant precedent, and no one's done any formal/scientific polling on this one. I do know that CARES is putting a lot of effort into this, and I don't know how much effort Wineteer and Alexander and their supporters are putting into opposing it.


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