Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Note to Sherrie Sprenger

Sprenger: Health care access needed

McCain's proposed plan would cause a minimum of 20 million people to lose health coverage.

If Sherrie Sprenger is serious about increasing access to health care, she's supporting the wrong party. The same could be said of a large percentage of her constituents.

Maybe she should try this.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe the government should be incharge of running health care in America. Government is not always the answer. They can be the problem. The one you sight on your article is a spin by the Obama people on McCains health plan.

Just think, the House of Rep and Congress gets free medical for life even after servicing 1 year of service. Is that fair? Then they try to take over as a nanny state the health care? We will all end up waiting in line for years to come before we can see a doctor.

Dennis said...

1. Ezra Klein is a liberal, yes, but he's also an expert on health care policy and not at all affiliated with the Obama campaign. And the studies he references are from an independent, peer-reviewed journal that's dedicated to expertise in health care policy. Spin would imply it's not true. Can you offer evidence that it's not true, or are you actually going to claim it's false based solely on the source?

2. There's no evidence that universal health care automatically equals lines. That has happened in some countries, but not all, so we can't assume it would happen here. Even if true, it might turn out to be a trade-off: Everyone is covered, but there are delays. Fairer for everyone, but those of us with health care now might lose some of our privilege. Plus, the rhetoric about the nanny state is just silly, especially in light of the fact that you have to take your shoes off at the airport. Nanny state? Health care? Try homeland 'security'.

Anonymous said...

Congress does not get free healthcare for life after 1 year.

The whole congressional heatlh system was overhauled, like, 20 years ago. Do some research.

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