Monday, September 8, 2008

Preznit Qualifications

Let's take at face value for a second all the stuff around who is/isn't qualified to be President:

McCain is unqualified because he's too old.

Palin is unqualified due to her lack of experience.

Obama is unqualified due to his lack of experience.

Say hello to President Joseph Biden, the only one of the four who meets the "qualifications" being thrown around. (Odd that he's older, but not too old, and white, and male, and has been in government for a very long time.)

Somehow I don't think proposing this as a solution will make many people happy.

Clearly I need to stop half-assing blog posts. This was a joke/thought experiment taking into account what the campaigns and their supporters are saying about the candidates - not an endorsement on my part.



Anonymous said...

Biden??? You got to be kidding me. The 4th most liberal senator??? Americans are not that liberal Dennis.. When is age a disqualification factor? Do we say then that Regan was not qualified because he was old when he was the president? What about all the US Supreme Court Justices? They are appointed for life and some of them issued ruling on some cases well in their ninties and those ruling impact the lifes of more Americans than a president does. Biden did not do well in the Democratic primary because people can not see him as presidential material.

Anonymous said...

this shit cracks me up "the fourth most liberal senator???" Someone has obviously been taking too many of the "red" pills.
this label calling someone a "liberal" like its a bad thing, is misleading and probably lacks any real meaning behind it. However it may be effective with those who choose not to think critically or at all. it seems to excuse those who throw it around from actually looking at one's policy positions and voting history and the actual effects they've had. Especially given that a term like "liberal" in this context is subjective.
and how would you know that "americans are not that "liberal?" did you ask them youself?
McCain's Age disqualifies him because we ought not elect anyone that close to dying to the most stressful job in the United States, especially when his VP candidate is also not qualified for the position.
Reagan was not qualified because he was a law-breaking, pseudo politician hack, AND cause he was older than dirt. Also, in regards to Reagan, consider this: Iran-Contra, deregulation and the nasty effect its had on our economy, and the massive debt he drove up.
As to why Americans even consider voting for these pricks, look up the word "Hegemony." Read some Antonio Gramsci :)

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