Sunday, September 2, 2007

Redefining Rant

On the Internet, I think rants are indicated by a complete lack of paragraph breaks.

By that standard, the brand-new blog Lebanons for Truth and Reconciliation just posted a doozy:

Some adults conned student athletes to show up at the June school board meeting to demand that the school district hire both of Tomlin's sons to teaching positions. Rob Allen followed the students with a plea for hiring the Tomlin boys. But do you think it is unreasonable to ask that the Tomlins actually APPLY for a teaching job. If they wanted teaching jobs, why didn't they show up to any of Lebanon's recruiting fairs? It is questionable whether Ty ever even filed out an application.Robinson was informed by the district's legal counsel that he had an obligation to turn in Yates for his wrongdoing or Robinson could have his own license revoked.So he turned him in. What would you do?

There's a lot more where that came from. Check it out.


Lebanon Truth said...

Okay, I did put in paragraphs. I do believe in paragraphs, but they got lost in the cut and paste.

Also (please note the paragraph), I do believe in proofreading.

Mainly, I'm telling the truth, a rare thing in Lebanon these days.

Dap said...

Fair enough - and I think the lack of spaces in the bit I quoted is due to me, not the original post. I wasn't trying to imply anything negative about your post, just that it had strong emotions.

Anonymous said...

More power to both of you. Maybe this junk is an indication of why so many of the professionals who work in Lebanon can be seen commuting into town each morning as local residents commute out. Be part of making Lebanon a community civil enough that people want to live here, work here, and shop here. Clean up this clique driven nonsense by tapping into the silent majority with your clear, rational, and factual communication.

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