Tuesday, January 8, 2008

[LCSD] The Stupid, It Burns Like the Sun.

For the first time, I was briefly glad I stopped working in Lebanon.

It happened, of course, when I read the latest Democrat-Herald story on the school board meeting from Monday.

My sense of relief was quickly tempered by my knowledge of self: I don't really care any less just because I'm not personally affected (after all, I was never really directly affected in the first place). Trees falling in the forest really do make a sound, I promise... and injustice affects everyone.

Check this out:

The Lebanon School Board voted 3-2 Monday, with Rick Alexander and Josh Wineteer dissenting, to eliminate [Crowfoot] [E]lementary [S]chool...


Asbestos, electrical and water problems plague the building. District officials have said it would take about $2 million to bring it up to code.


Last year, People Involved in Education, the nonprofit that runs Sand Ridge Charter School, had asked the district to deed the building to PIE and allow it to lease the property for $1 a year.

Alexander and Wineteer had urged the board to accept the proposal. They reiterated the proposal Monday, saying it’s a mistake to eliminate what they see as a district asset without allowing PIE to try to save it.

“We still have a structure that functions,” Wineteer said. “If we vote now to burn that thing down, we have eliminated that asset.”

So.... which is it? are Rick and Josh really so f*cking stupid as to put kids in a building full of asbestos? Or are they simply that mean?

Because that's what we're talking about here. This isn't doing things that are ill-advised but legal, or even illegal but don't put others in physical danger.

No, this is different. This is working towards putting students in a situation that is illegal because it puts students in a building with a substance that causes cancer.

Are you paying attention, Lebanon? That is what Rick Alexander is advocating, because there's no way PIE has $2 million to fix the building. (Of course, on the off chance they do, it raises a heck of a lot of questions about their accounting practices.)

Personally, I'm thinking that Rick and Josh don't really know any better - or distrust the district so much they think the district would lie about this just to screw them - on the grounds that I choose to think even they are not that mean.

To anyone with kids in the LCSD or Sand Ridge schools: How can you possibly think Rick Alexander has your best interests in mind?

F*cking cancer-causing asbestos. Seriously.


Anonymous said...

It's never about the children in Lebanon to Rick and Josh. It is all about PIE. PIE this PIE that. Just give everything to PIE. Rick and Josh are suppose to represent 4200 plus children in school except it seems they only want to represent PIE. They should be on PIE board.

Will Valley said...

Of course it is not about the children to Mr. Alexander. It is about being a radical anti-government,

russ said...

Asbestos is safe unless disturbed. Once it is going to be removed, it must be done by state contractors. The LCSB got a bid of $65,000 to remove the asbestos. So, not a cancer concern (Yet). And not millions to fix for that. I'll bet several schools in the area probably still have some asbestos in them. I know a lot of homes do.

Also, it was interesting at the school board meeting, Mr. Robinson stated that if PIE wanted the building, they "could have offered a dollar to buy it, and would have won as no other bids came in". (Roughly quoted)Realistically, PIE would probably have been unable to afford to get the building to code.

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