Thursday, January 10, 2008

[The Onion] Jimmy Carter Goes Off

Everyone knows The Onion is satire, right?

This op/ed, purported to be by ex-President Jimmy Carter, is frackin' hilarious.

It's also - by far - the foulest thing I have ever linked to. I'm not sure it's work-safe. There are no pictures, but there are also no words in it that you can say at a family dinner, either.

The funniest part is that it's pretty much completely true. As much as Carter gets dumped on by politicians these days, he is looking smarter and smarter every passing day.

Oh, just go read the frackin' thing.


Jen said...

Fuck, I say that shit at my family dinners! Well, unless Grandma is there. Grandma induces a 2-fuck limit inside my soul. And that made my day.

Favorite line "Oh, what's that I hear? The weather's all screwy? You got a global warming problem? Boo-fucking-hoo! I was telling you morons to turn off your lights and unplug all your shit at night to conserve energy in 19-fuckin'-75, for chrissake."


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