Monday, March 17, 2008

[Flashbacks] A familiar name in a surprising place

From the story on a reopened restaurant in Lebanon:

However, Dorothy Geil, who went by her nickname Dottie, died of cancer in January at age 59 and the restaurant closed soon afterward. Dispute over ownership of the restaurant followed.


Other partners in the new venture are Richard Geil and Harold Rodney-Geil.


I know where I'm eating next time I visit the folks.

... adding, this reminds me of sleeping on the 8th (I think it was 8th) floor balcony of an apartment building open to the ocean on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. That was awesome, and feel free to ask outside the confines of the blog if you are curious enough to have the reference explained.


Roxy said...

The Express did a story on "Richie" Geil's new restaurant too.

Yay Richard Geil!

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