Sunday, March 16, 2008

[LCSD] The Superintendent's Evaluation - Scores and Comments

My astrologer divined the results of Robinson's evaluation* and I'm putting the results online. I'm not doing this to bash either Robinson or the board, but to get the information out there so people can see it firsthand.

*You can safely assume this is not true.

That said, I think it's incredibly important to understand the following two things before taking a look at the evaluation.

1. Comments are, inevitably, shorthand for specific things that have happened, and as a result, the comments will likely mean something different (and far more significant) to both Robinson and the board members than they might to me or you.

2. There is certainly a verbal portion to the evaluation, which means that the written comments are not (I would think) the only feedback Robinson received.

The format is as follows: There are nine standards. Each board member evaluates the superintendent on each standard, giving him a score ranging from 0 to 4:

0 = Unacceptable
1= Needs Improvement
2= Good
3 = Excellent
4 = Outstanding

The scores are then averaged. Each board member also has the opportunity to leave written comments for each standard. All the scores and comments are compiled into one document, which is considered the collective board's review.

I'll probably comment on the evaluation in a few days. For now, the scores and comments - all of the comments - for each of the nine sections are below.

Standard 1: Leadership and District Culture

Score: 1.6/4

Comments: 1) SBAC is good; 2) Reach out more to all stakeholders

Standard 2: Policy and Governance

Score: 1.8/4

Comments: 1) Has a broad working knowledge of school governance; 2) Greater attention to detail regarding legal matters

Standard 3: Communications and Community Relations

Score: 0.8/4

Comments: 1) Increased attendance at special events (high school graduation, etc.); 2) Improvement in communication in the District

Standard 4: Organizational Management

Score: 2.4/4

Comments: 1) There is a solid functioning infra-sructure

Standard 5: Curriculum Planning and Development

Score: 1.8/4

Comments: 1) Some board members have concerns about SAS testing

Standard 6: Instructional Leadership

Score: 2.2/4

Comments: 1) Beyond LHS and use of Technology are good [sic]; 2) Greater Diversity of programs/High School Curriculum Concerns [sic]; 3) High School Administration need to be Centralized [sic]

Standard 7: Human Resources Management

Score: 1.4/4

Comments: 1) There are too many teacher grievances; 2) The mentor program is functioning well; 3) Would like to see teacher turnover decreased

Standard 8: Values and Ethics of Leadership

Score: 1.4/4

Comments: 1) Would like Superintendent not to speak ill of the Board

Standard 9: Labor Relations

Score: 1.4/4

Comments: 1) See Standard #7; 2) Less top down more bottom up management


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