Sunday, March 16, 2008

[Snark] "Why, you’d almost think this election actually means something"

From Grace Nearing at Scriptoid:

Dear Obamaniacs and Clintonistas:

Shut the fuck up. Or, as the inestimable Wolcott puts it, spare me the rhetorical emo.

Your choice for president is going to either (a) win or (b) lose. And life in the United States will go on, albeit with higher gas prices, higher oil costs, more housing foreclosures, lower real estate prices, a lower dollar, and fewer jobs.

There will be no universal healthcare.

There will be no comprehensive integrated national mass transit system.

There will be no comprehensive integrated energy policy incorporating fossil-based and renewable energy sources.

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Needless to say, I agree with Grace, and I'm not even following the race that closely. Seriously, people: This happens every four years, and while it does have some level of importance, the ability of a single person - even the POTUS - to create substantial change is dwarfed by the million-headed hydra of profit or megacorporatheocracy or whatever Twisty Faster calls it.

That's not to say what Obama's been doing isn't impressive, in some way. But what's impressive is not what he's doing on a policy level, it's what he's doing to create a movement. Big difference.


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