Monday, March 3, 2008

[LCSD] Lebanon School Board Votes 3-2 Against Renewing Superintendent's Contract

UPDATE @ 11:45 PM: I just heard the vote was 3-2 to nonrenew with Shimmin, Alexander and Wineteer voting as a block.

(The offer to post any first-hand accounts, anonymously or otherwise, still stands. Email me or leave a comment that includes a note that you want it posted on the main blog.)

Where we go from here is anyone's guess - though since I don't have a first-hand account of the discussion, I'm hesitant to offer a concrete analysis. Call this one fuzzy...

Possibilities (not mutually exclusive by any means, and not all that carefully considered, either):

1. Robinson sues for breach of contract, or breach of state law, etc (I admit I've not followed the possibilities of a lawsuit that closely). The district spends money on legal fees, which is money not spent on students. I do not buy the argument that this makes Robinson a bad person, especially if he's found to be correct in his (potential) suit. Rather, it would make the three board members who voted to nonrenew look like idiots, since I'm sure the district's legal counsel predicted this.

1a. Robinson wins a lawsuit; what happens? Does he end up with a rolling three-year contract again? How does that work? Does the court reinstate the rolling bit? Does the LCSD eat crow for a few hours and change their vote? (If this happens, it will certainly look like Debi Shimmin learned nothing from Robinson's suspension.) Does Robinson decline the third year and instead get a legal settlement?

Most interestingly at the moment, how does Jim Robinson reconcile the following: a) Robinson supports education and children, and knows exactly how much money the LCSD does not have; b) Robinson is not going to simply let the Board do this, knowing full well that it sets an ugly precedent/Robinson is not going to let the Board do this because he is personally invested in Lebanon and has no intention of leaving without a fight; so c) What happens when those two collide, i.e. when/if justice for Robinson means spending money on his case that would otherwise be spent on students? (Is that even the right way to frame this? I ask because one could also argue that the Board pushed Robinson into such a position in the first place.)

1b. Robinson loses the lawsuit. He still has two years on his contract, and it's entirely possible that there will be big changes to the board by this time next year. I could see him getting renewed next year for one or even two more years. Definitely too early to tell - though I did suggest a rolling two-year contract in a comment at LT's place not too long ago, and that doesn't seem out of the range of possibility.

2. Robinson does not sue.

2a. Despite not suing, there is a backlash against the board's actions, and when next year rolls around, for whatever reason, there is a vote to renew for at least a year, and possibly even get back on the three-year cycle.

2b. No lawsuit, more non-renewal. Robinson goes away. The LCSD gets a tool for a Superintendent. Mirroring the national scene, the district spirals down in flames under the 'leadership' of some individuals who have no idea how to run anything larger than a push mower.

3. A recall is initiated for one or more board members - my guess would be Rick Alexander, then Josh, and least likely Debi. Said recall either a) succeeds, in which case the recall crowd would undoubtedly run the antithesis of Rick Alexander. Without Rick, the board's shenanigans calm down considerably. Or, b) recall fails - and then what happens?

I think I'm about out of steam for the night. Be sure to check the DH tomorrow - Moody's story is usually the first thing out, and it's usually pretty good. I intend to post a link to it as soon as reasonably possible. (Hint hint - would it kill the DH to post things on the web as they are done, not when they make it into the print edition?)

I knew the lull in insanity was too good to be true. Everybody wearing their seat belts? Good - because the crazy train is leaving the station.


Dew Sue said...

It might be of interest to note that there were eight policy changes quickly passed through the "reading" process at this meeting.

The board asked for no explanation and had no discussion on the policy recommendations of the Oregon School Board Association. Policies are the bottom line in a school district and the main job of these elected officials, but they rarely seem to get even passing attention. Has the board created even one policy on their own?

This board is far too busy politicking to do the actual work of critically examining their own policies.

Even Debi Shimmin, who ran on a platform of neutrality and promised to make informed decisions gave no explanation for voting to support policies about "Discipline of Disabled Students" or "Special Education Evaluation Procedures."

In one meeting these people both terminated the contract of the administrator responsible for the day-to-day and also demonstrated their own lack of interest in the key elements of running the schools.


Anonymous said...

The recall should be Debi S. She is not what she tries so hard to appear to be.
If she is gone Rick A. and Josh W. go back to being the minority.

Dennis said...


My analysis is simple: If Rick is gone, the amount of trouble goes way down. Josh won't be as proactive about causing trouble. Neither will Debi.

Rick is a conduit into the board for a different section of Lebanon than Debi is - and Rick's section is far more likely to ignore the law to the district's peril, to be blunt.

Rick is also the person on the board with the least interest in governing a district - and probably the least ability. Given that, his replacement offers the best possibility to increase the capacity of the LCSD Board to be effective.

At least that's my read.

Dennis said...

Dew Sue,

Good point about the policy changes. I would that add while board members are, strictly speaking, not generally as qualified as education professionals to evaluate policy, a lack of interest is telling - and dangerous.

That said, my feathers are ruffling a bit at your use of the term 'anarchy.'

If by anarchy, you mean 'no leader' (archy = leader, an = without, no), then I would... no I wouldn't. Even then, I would not agree.

The closest I think the LCSD gets is a messy, fractured set of factions. Certainly Robinson wants to lead, even if he's encountering, um, resistance.

'Anarchy' several years down the road? Only if Rick and Josh succeed in installing a tool for a superintendent.

'Anarchy' in some ill-defined sense, used as some sort of slur (like 'communist')? Keep that away from this blog, please. We like anarchy around here.

... also, technically, did the board "terminate" a contract, or did they choose to not renew it? There's a big difference there.

Dew Sue said...

Fair enough. Language is so hard. How about I replace the "Anarchy?" with "Anarchists?"

That is really what I meant. Are the school board majority anarchists?

Of course not.

Anarchists would disdain law. They would disrupt process. They would rail against the "establishment." They would not be bound by civility and so would misrepresent fact and by whatever means necessary, overthrow government. They would recruit fellow angries, threaten others and...

Uh oh. This sounds too familiar.

Dennis said...

Due Sew, do I know you?

Because it's almost like you wrote the best possible comment designed to piss me off =)

"Anarchists" are possibly the single most varied political group on the planet'; not only is confining them to a simple definition wrong, but the characteristics you apply to 'anarchists' are mostly wrong.

Do anarchists misrepresent facts, threaten others, or feel "unbound" by civility? No more or less than anyone else - which means they are not attributes of anarchists. Certainly Rick Alexander is not an anarchist by any stretch of the imagination.

Future comments that use the term 'anarchist' as a slur or otherwise misrepresent the term will be judiciously deleted.

I would suggest you do some reading before you use the term again.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Dew Sue said...

Thank you for the link. Obviously I have not studied up on the various schools of anarchy. Pretty much I thought of one of the definitions found in the link that you sent:

libertarian anarchism[1]) refers to any of several traditions that hold that "individual conscience and the pursuit of self-interest should not be constrained by any collective body or public authority"

So if somebody seems to be anti-government, offering no vision of different or better government, but just dedicates himself to throwing a wrench in the works, I might ask if he is an anarchist.

If he refuses to pay his taxes or follow the law and spends his nights and days fomenting discord about government entities like city councils and school administrations, I might ask if he is an anarchist. If he doesn't put his kids in public schools but instead seeks a collective.... If he runs for office not to add anything but just to stop everything...

If anarchist is the wrong term here, then help me find the word.

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