Tuesday, March 4, 2008

[RIAA] Evidence? Who needs evidence?

From a Slashdot summary:

The issue at hand is whether the RIAA's investigator SafeNet now needs to disclose its digital files, validation methodology, testing procedures, failure rates, software manuals, protocols, packet logs, source code, and other materials, so that the validity of its methods can be evaluated by the defense. SafeNet and the RIAA say no, claiming that the information is 'proprietary and confidential'. Ms. Lindor says yes, if you're going to testify in federal court the other side has a right to test your evidence. A list of what is being sought (pdf) is available online. MediaSentry has produced 'none of the above'.

The fact that this is even being debated blows my fucking mind.

A private entity can sue someone in civil court and not reveal their evidence and collection methodology and not get laughed out of the courtroom?

People, we have ceded entirely too much headspace to corporations.

Or, as one /. commenter puts it:

These legal claims by the RIAA just blow my mind. I'm in the physics community, and I'm just trying to picture how these type of statements would play out in my arena.

Me: ...and as a result, we have discovered [blank].
Physicist in audience: Sorry, can you explain your methods?
Me: No

[5 seconds of silence]
Entire conference hall bursts into laughter

I think that's as a good as illustration of the laugh test as I've ever seen.


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