Wednesday, March 5, 2008

[LCSD] Rick Alexander and the Lebanon Express story

And so it goes:

Board member Rick Alexander immediately made the motion not to extend when the board reached that point in the night's agenda. Before voting, three board members explained the reasoning behind their decision.

The story does not list Rick as one of those board members.

This is pretty typical of the guy - he knows what he's going to do; whether or not the rest of the board does or not is irrelevant - and the same goes for that sector of the public that he does not talk to outside of board meetings.

It's clear he has no interest in being a representative of the people of Lebanon. He has his interests (PIE, anyone?), and people are welcome to line up behind him if they agree, but as far as I can tell, he's not going to be persuaded by anything, even the best interests of the LCSD.

In any case, Rick seems to see no need to justify or explain his decisions even on such consequential votes; in fact, he doesn't seem to see a need for public discussion during board meetings at all as long as he gets what he wants.

Whether or not you agree with the content of his positions, I would hope that would worry you. After all, there's no guarantee that just because he agrees with you on today's issue means that he'll agree with you on tomorrow's.

I have a post regarding the process on display here, but it might have to wait. It's not coalescing like I want it to.


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