Sunday, May 25, 2008

[LCSD] Unanswered Questions

Way back in early December of 2007, I wrote this:

One other possibility [regarding the then-upcoming contract negotiations] is that Alexander will try and micromanage the contract, or at least give directions to the negotiating team that undermine the interests of the district.

I got the name wrong - turns out it was Wineteer and not Alexander - but wow. Writing the amendments sure counts as micromanagement in my book, to say nothing of the content of the amendments that Josh and Jay Jackson wrote.

Mmmmmm... speaking of the PIE contract, I also asked these questions once upon a time:

Interestingly, Mr. Wineteer's amendments are not simply a list of changes to the text. Some of them (at least 1, 2, 9 & 10) are simply instructions regarding what to change. In those cases, what is the process by which the changes will be included in the actual contract? Who will write the new language? Who has to sign off on it? Where in the contract will the new pieces of language be located? Does passage of the motion mean that Robinson is now obligated to negotiate the terms laid out by Wineteer, or is there some other process that will be used to include the new material? Does passage of the motion mean that negotiations are over?

I have yet to hear an answer to these questions. Rumor has it that no one else really knows the answers, either.

Firing from the hip is a good way to fuck your enemies up, it's true. Combine that with the fact that Debi, Rick and Josh seem to view the school district officials - you know, the people who are officially tasked with running the school district - as their enemies... well, don't say I didn't warn you.


Anonymous said...

The reason Debi, Rick and Josh treat DO staff as enemies is that they ARE enemies of these board members...they are out to discredit and disregard their wishes at every turn!

LHSClassof03. said...

There is no need on the behalf of LCSD staff, administrators, or anyone else to actively discredit Debi, Rick or Josh. The troublesome trio are well capable of discreting themselves through their conduct and actions. anyone with an ounce of ethics and of mediocore or better intelligence can see that these people have absolutely zero credibility.

Anonymous said...

"these people have absolutely zero credibility"

Wake up man! These are all elected officials, and the ringleader has been elected to multiple terms! Their actions may be deplorable, but the fact that they are in office tells me that things in the LCSD are not going as the community would like. These folks were elected as change agents, they're just fucking it up.

You all can bitch and moan all you like, but nothing will change until we start addressing the reasons these folks were elected in the first place. Stop with the back and forth and start working together to deal with the core issues. I'm getting sick of this!

Anonymous said...

The district attorney had already sent a response to Josh's amendment and they are not going to like it. Interesting also that other private individuals and attorneys are asking for public records from the 3 board members.

Dennis said...

When people say "district attorney," they mean Paul Dakopolos, the LCSD's legal counsel, right?

They don't actually mean the Linn County DA, do they?

The terminology confuses me =)

Anonymous said...

Yes... district legal counsel

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