Saturday, May 31, 2008

My two cents on the Shimmin recall

Honestly? I'm not terribly surprised it's happening.

And I could go either way on its value. I think I have said before that I think Shimmin could be a good board member with a little more experience and time to reflect (and without Alexander and Wineteer around).

Politically, I think this is a smart move on the part of CARES. Let's look at some assumptions and relevant facts:

1) Alexander and Wineteer seem unlikely to survive the next election. Mounting a recall effort for more than one person would be significantly harder than for just Shimmin. Simply running candidates for the open seats seems the smart move.

2) Shimmin has a lot longer left in her term than either Alexander or Wineteer. CARES gets the most bang for their buck this way.

3) A recall is actually risky. If it fails, I can't see Shimmin, Wineteer and Alexander (and their supporters) being anything but emboldened. Considerably. Personally, I don't want a bolder Rick Alexander.

I had more, but they've escaped me for the moment. Bottom line: Not a bad move on the part of CARES, but not without risk. I'm certainly to see what happens.

Anyone else got a take on this they'd like to share? Leave yours in the comments.


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