Friday, July 11, 2008

Archival Wonders

From the Lebanon Express archives, a summer 2005 editorial:

Turning to the school board, for most of his first two years as a member, Rick Alexander was up front about his relationship with Superintendent Jim Robinson. He didn't speak to the district's top administrator except at board meetings. It was a counterproductive position and we're glad he's done with it, especially now that he's chairman of the board. (See story, page 1.) In fact, he couldn't have fulfilled the duties of the chairmanship without direct communication with Robinson.

In the past few weeks the two sat down together privately and hashed out their differences over high school administration. They came up with a plan which might not suit either perfectly, but it's a reasonable compromise that looks like it will provide a workable management structure at Lebanon High School.

Oops. Glad that worked out.

On the other hand, better to hope that someone will take the high road than not give them the chance.


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