Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prepare to be dooced

My boss is a moron that has an interesting memory.

Specifically, he contradicts himself and then gets upset when I point it out.

Similarly, he will arbitrarily decide that decisions that have clearly been made one way to have been made the other. This usually happens when he loses the argument and the decision goes against him. Later, conveniently, when it's just he and I, he'll speak as if the decision was completely different than what was decided by the group. When I point out that decision X has already been made, he starts spouting the same arguments that were shot down in the meeting.

Finally, he will keep bringing up things he wants to seen done that have clearly been decided against.

Needless to say, I am not impressed.


IE said...

RW -- Such are the ways of the working world. I'd do I say this....a bit cautious dissing your boss in a public forum. I once knew of a state worker who whispered to a disgruntled employee voicing discontent, "The walls have ears." And indeed...they did.

But maybe this post is a joke that I don't get...if so, no need to post this, unless you want to of course.

Please know I do appreciate the righteous indignation of youth, even though we often disagree. And it sounds like you aren't wanting to keep this job longterm anyway...(guess my parental side sneaked out;>)). I thought about writing on this last time you posted some less than flattering comments about your boss, but restrained myself then.

It's just that it's so much better to leave a job on one's own terms.

Dennis said...

Check the headline; dooced.

Please, give me some credit; I do know how the internet works. Jeebus.

IE said...

OK -- I am done. You really DO seem to have a mean streak.

Anonymous said...

I know how you want to change the world, Dennis, but being an ass doesn't seem like it will move you toward that goal. Sometimes people really are just trying to be helpful.

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