Friday, July 11, 2008


What the.....

Recall’s not the answer

Much has been written about the Lebanon School Board decisions, board members and issues the school district faced. We cannot look back on “how things were done” before, file lawsuits at every step and use personality issues to solve problems.

There are those that are satisfied with the performance of Rick Alexander, Josh Wineteer and Debi Shimmin. By looking at the big picture, they have taken steps to build a foundation built on trust, cohesiveness and teamwork that have been missing. The actions of questioning processes, fund transfers and hiring personnel demonstrate a board wanting accountability. These are normal business practices.

To those wishing to pursue the recall effort, a divided community doesn’t produce a win-win situation. As we will have open positions in the future, encourage others or even yourself to run for the board. Concentrate on issues, ask questions, work for results and move forward to achieve the best for our schools.

Our actions are a reflection upon the community as a whole. Let’s pull up our socks, clean up our act and build a better system.

Tom Zurcher, Lebanon

" a foundation built on trust, cohesiveness and teamwork?"

I want what some of this guy has been smoking. If he holds this opinion having actually attended board meetings, then... wow. Just wow.

Update: Link added. Apologies.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Dennis.
This guy has his head buried in the
M U D!

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