Sunday, September 28, 2008

Parking at OSU

I have a question: What authorizes OSU to kick everyone out of staff and student permitted parking lots on game days and then charge for those spaces?

I've looked at the OSU Parking Services website as well as the OARs that govern OSU parking (yes, they exist, and there's a fair amount of them), and in neither place do I find anything about the university's right or ability to kick people out of parking spots they have paid for.

This is, in some ways, a moot point, as I'm not a student. But I work across the street from a staff parking lot that was filled with tailgaters at 5 PM Thursday.

That, and last year I was told OSU required all staff and students to move their cars from permitted lots by 3 PM so OSU could charge tailgaters for use of those same spaces.

The longer I am around OSU, the more Parking Services seems to be completely independent from any oversight, which is actually kind of surprising for OSU.


Angela said...

I'd like to add that staff and students who want to work on weekend game days would have to pay to park in the staff/student lots. And, even better, would have to pay to park on some of the streets near OSU buildings (e.g., Orchard St. by Cordley) that are not governed by Parking Services during the work week.

I will say that the game parking staff have let people I know pull up to loading docks to unload large amounts of field equipment without paying for parking. But still, where are OSU's priorities? ...Well, I do know where they lie, but it's still irritating.

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