Saturday, October 4, 2008


UPDATE: In case the below post is not clear, what this means is that there will be no new posts at this blog. Everything will be posted at from now on.

Starting today, I will be blogging using Wordpress instead of Blogger. The new-ish Rhetorical Wasteland can be found here.

It's the same blog, and all the posts and comments appear to have imported successfully. (Images, not so much. If I have time, I'll transfer some of the more recent, but this might just be a consequence.)

Please update your RSS feeds accordingly; I think this will work:

Eric Stoller is ultimately responsible for this move, like it or not, and will therefore get all the blame if anything goes wrong.


Anonymous said...

What is up with the new site and the new requirements--no anonymous option?
Just curious about your reasons.
Care to share?

Dennis said...

I like Wordpress better; that really sums up most of the reason for the change.

Also, no one said you have to use your *real* name or email. Anonymity is still possible.

Anonymous said...

I see your point.
For me, "anonymous" is comfortable for several reasons.
Lying is not.
I didn't even think of making something up.
Silly me.

Eric Stoller said...

So let me get this straight...I get all the blame and no link juice on the post?

WordPress for the win!!!

WordPress is infallible, the author, debatable...

Eric Stoller said...

PS: Who made the masthead on your new site? It looks like it was made with MS Paint!

I would have thought with all of your connections to the newspaper biz that you could have at least used PhotoShop for your intro graphic ;-)

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