Saturday, October 4, 2008

[LCSD] Everyone should read this

A comment left over at LT's blog:

After Monday's board meeting you won't have any allies left at the district or the hish [sic] school and your reign of error will be over LT.

That's a little disconcerting. We're talking veiled threat/vengeance/black helicopter territory here.

Placed in context, it also suggests that there is something major planned for Monday, like the removal of the Superintendent.... and the LHS Principal?


Anonymous said...

Rick Alexander and Josh Winteer are doing EVERYTHING they can to get rid of Jim Robinson before they are possibly recalled.
If they REALLY believed they were right and speaking for the people of the community they would wait until AFTER the recall vote.
If they do anything like firing people on Monday night I hope they are personally sued.
There can be no respect for that kind of last-ditch, mob mentality behavior, which is a culmination of the behavior that has put them under recall in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street it's nothing planned by the board, but some issues some members of the public plan to raise.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the board has already decided what they're going to do before the board meeting. Hmm...isn't that a violation of the public meeting law?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's a board member issue, but something some parents are planning to bring up. I don't know what the issue is though. Maybe it's about LT.

Dennis said...

It could also be about LT. I was focusing on the first part of the statement.

Anon @ 12:53, there's really no evidence for that claim, especially if it is going to be parents bringing something to the meeting, not the board.

Anonymous said...

If it is something parents are bringing, and they don't have it on the agenda so the rest of the people who might be interested/affected don't have advance notice about it in print, and the Board still agrees to it as a last minute addition to the agenda then it is still on the Board's shoulders.

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