Friday, June 20, 2008

Hering: The heat is making me cranky

I've never seen Hering use so many exclamation points as he did today.

On the other hand, I have seen him pen editorials that are as banal.

Take this one, for example:

Editorial: Recall maneuvers

The maneuvering about the on- and off- and on-again recalls against various members of the Lebanon School Board sound a little too calculating and manipulative.

First the recall petitioners gave public notice of wanting to recall board member Debi Shimmin because her term had longer to run than two other members that the recall backers also want off the board. Then Sherrie Sprenger, the board chair, announced she would step down July 1 in order to pursue her election campaign for the legislature. That would give the recall targets a chance to appoint an ally of theirs in her place, giving them three or even four votes on the five-member board. So then the recallers filed against their main targets, Rick Alexander and Josh Wineteer as well as Shimmin. A few days later, they announced they had met with Shimmin and would no longer proceed with the petition against her. The five complaints against her in the recall petition were suddenly no longer all that grievous.

All that makes you wonder whether the long-suffering Lebanon school system would not be better off without the added acrimony of a recall campaign. (hh)

Not only does it make no sense - Things are complicated, so they should just call it quits! - it adds nothing of value to the discussion. There's no new information, no new insight, nothing. Zip. Nada. Heck, commenters on LT's blog add far more value to the discussion than this guy does.

Hering, based on this editorial, has no idea what's going on. All that's there is someone abusing the privilege of having an editorial page spot - that's valuable real estate, and readers of the DH deserve more than to read whatever ignorant musings Hering puts forth. Just because he has an opinion and a title does not make anything that comes out of his mouth worth listening to.

It's a worthless editorial.


Eric Stoller said...

Hering blah blah blah blah Hering.

Have you and Hasso set a date yet?


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