Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work, Part II

I don't have the time or energy to get out a full update on how work is going, but I will say this: When all one of your bosses, the most powerful boss, does is show up once a month or so and berate you, it generally does not make you want to work harder for the organization.

I would have that thought it would have been obvious. Apparently it's not.

It's certainly not making me want to keep working for this organization.


Jen said...

Gah. I'm sorry.

Michael Faris said...

Remember my promises to talk to this said boss about rhetoric. ;)

Anonymous said...

That seems to be a trend in our society.
Use negative shame tactics to get adult workers to do their jobs to a certain level.
Like that works.
I have a family member who works in the car insurance industry. They post on the company's inter-office web-site people who have not done what the company expects in performance.
What a wonderful way to motivate someone to do better instead of crawling into a hole and covering themselves with inner darkness.
Since it doesn't work why are companies using such a mean method?
It is on-the-job-abuse in my opinion.
It creates a hostile work environment.
Sorry you are experiencing it too.

Lebanon Truth said...

It's because you are supposed to be in the classroom. Go ahead and sow your wild oats. Rail against your destiny. Eventually, you will follow your true path and then you will find serenity in the chaos!

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